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Having been practising in both community and medical settings over the past years, Carolyn's wide counselling experiences cover youth delinquency issues, marital issues, family violence issues, mental health issues, incarceration issues, grief and loss issues, and crisis interventions.

Specifically, her clinical interests revolve around...

  • Loss and transition in life

  • Illness, palliative care and bereavement

  • Crisis and trauma

  • Mental health concerns

  • Attachment and relationship issues

  • Personal development and therapy for helping professionals

Being trained in meaning-oriented and strength-based approaches, Carolyn adopts a BRACE mindset and strives to...

  • Be a secure anchorage for clients in times of distress and turmoil in life

  • Reconstruct life and sense of self together with clients in the midst of uncertainties and disruptions in life

  • Activate support and garner resources as clients sail through different ups and downs in life

  • Capitalize clients' resilience and strengths despite the adversities and setbacks in life

  • Enhance clients' sense of meaningfulness and congruence as they soar above challenges and march on in life

Therapy can be conducted in English, Mandarin or Cantonese.

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