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Any loss or transition in life is far more than an event. 

Rather, it is something that deserves attention and space

for a navigation of the aftermath and a quest for meaning. 


In the process,

it taps on the inner resilience and growth capacity of human beings,

as well as a secure network of supportive figures, 

to cushion the unwelcomed impacts

and to smoothen the much needed adjustments afterward.

Anchorage for Loss and Transition strives to journey with individuals, couples and families during their times of loss and transition through counselling therapy.  It also aspires to equip and develop helping professionals and other supportive figures through supervision and training, so that more may join this force to provide a secure anchorage for the affected ones and to facilitate their adaptive adjustments.

Therapeutic Embrace.jpg

Counselling psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families in the face of challenges in life

Guiding Lighthouse.jpg

Consultation / supervision in casework management and clinical and supervisory practices

Continuous Adventure.jpg

Professional development in theoretical concepts and therapeutic interventions

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