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While loss and transition are inevitable in life,

certain kinds of crises (e.g. natural disasters, major illnesses, accidents)

may also strike without warning. 

They either turn one's world upside down

or freeze the person as if time never passes thereafter. 

Be it an anticipatory death or relationship breakdown,

or unwelcomed transitions like

retrenchment and early onset of chronic illnesses,

individuals and families are bound to experience

a mix of grief, fear and anxiety, a sense of vulnerability, and so on. 


At times, one's beliefs and perspectives about

self, others and the world

may be severely shaken as well. 


Yet, such challenging life experiences

need not always dampen or even tear a person down. 

Rather, they may provide an opportunity for one to

discover his/her inner tenacity and strengths,

realize what is important and valued in life,

and foster a closer bond with the significant others.

Anchorage for Loss and Transition strives to journey with individuals, couples and families during their times of loss and transition through counselling therapy.  It also aspires to equip and develop helping professionals and other supportive figures through supervision and training, so that more may join this force to provide a secure anchorage for the affected ones and to facilitate their adaptive adjustments thereafter.

Therapeutic Embrace.jpg


Counselling psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families

in the face of challenges in life

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Consultation / supervision in

casework management, 

clinical and supervisory practices

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Professional development in theoretical concepts and

therapeutic interventions

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